White Wolf Inspired 

Dr. Johnothon Myrenei is a technocratic mage tasked with finding and training young mages so that they will join the Technocracy. He runs into some trouble when he meets a young orphan mage by the name of Alanna Cassidy, who proceeds to steal more than the answers to his latest test.


I wrote this several years ago, and recently found it in one of my old backups. I want to start it again, but first, I want to see if it is worth picking up again. This is based off of four of my characters from various White Wolf games (Mage and Vampire mostly) and was done through role play as well as fleshing out backstories.

Harry Potter Inspired

Melin, former potions professor at Hogwarts, finds herself in the middle of a war between the Wizarding world and Voldemort. She's spent her life trying to avoid fighting, only to find herself on the front lines.

Notes: This was started back during Order of the Phoenix, and before Half Blood Prince, so the story might not match up with later lores.

Some of the chapters are NSFW, so please take note of that.

Ka'ani, Sith pureblood, Jedi master, hero of Tython, conqueror of Zakuul, commander of the Eternal Fleet, and destroyer of the Eternal Emperor felt like nothing could stop her. She had succeeded in becoming the Empress of Zakuul and married the one person who had managed to push his way past her barriers and into her heart. She'd given birth to twin girls and felt that she was on top of the world. The Eternal Fleet became a symbol of peace and acted as a mediation force during the various scuffles between the Republic and the New Sith Empire.

With the help of her sister, Al'djinni, Ka'ani ruled Zakuul as a fair and loving ruler...until she vanished.

Almost four thousand years later, Ka'ani awakens to find the world around her has become a dark and frightening place.